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4 Things You Should Know Before Dating a German Guy

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Okay so here’s a thing, I have lived in three different continents by the time I turned 23 (and I still am 23 :D), and I’mma have to tell ya, the dating game is a little different in different continents.  But you should know that I am not an expert in this area, I just wanted to share what I’ve learned through my experiences with men as I moved across continents 😀

4 Things You Should Know Before Dating a German Guy


1. They Are F*cking Direct

If you’re looking for someone who’s passive aggressive and don’t communicate their feelings well, then German men are not what you’re looking for.

I’mma have to tell you that this trait is actually very good for a long-term relationship.  It took me a while to get used to it (and trust me, I’m still trying).  If you ask him, “Hey babe, what do you think about this photo of me?”,  he’ll say exactly what he thinks: “You look weird”.  They don’t mean to hurt your feelings, they simply just being honest.  They will tell you straight up what they appreciate and don’t appreciate without opening with small talks.  Germans don’t do small talks btw.  Aren’t like Americans, you may start a convo with “Hey! How’s it going” and walked away.  But Germans, if you asked them that, they will spend hours actually telling you how they’re doing.  So, don’t ask how they’re doing unless you’re really interested in knowing so.


2. Honesty

This one is an add on from the one above.  But for real, they’re goddam honest.

German men are very honest with their SO and they expect the same from you.  If you open up to them with your past, don’t f*cking lie or so called, not telling the whole story.  If they ask you something personal, tell them exactly what it is or don’t tell them at all if you can’t.  The thing is, don’t f*cking lie.

And oh, you can trust them to be honest with you.  Sometimes brutally so.

3. They Are On Time AF

Germans are sticklers when it comes to being on time.  If you make plans with him or have a date.  Expect them to be ON TIME.  If you plan to meet at 7:00pm, you can be sure they’ll be there by 6:59pm.

4. Chivalry is Not Dead

You don’t need to go to Paris to find chivalry.  Okay, this one I can’t 100% speak for all German men but I can 110% speak for mine :).

Beside equally splitting the bill down to 50/50, he sure knows how to be romantic and make you feel special.  And by that I mean buying you roses every week.  Once a week at least.  He remembers all the little things about you.  Be careful what you say ladies because he listens.  There’s this one time I was at a hair salon and was craving McDonald’s fries.  I know, I know.  Anyways, later that evening he came home with McDonald’s fries.  God bless him.

Keep in mind that we’ve only been dating for almost 11 months and obviously I’m still learning and adjusting.  So pretty please, comment below and give me some tips if you may 😉 



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