Chal Chomchan

Chicago, or some people called it chi-town, is definitely one of the major cities in America!  This city is filled with skyscrapers!  And the architecture here, in my opinion, is beautiful!  If you’ve ever gone to the Upper East side in NYC and fell in love with the architecture there, you’ll most likely love Chicago too.

Having gone to college for 4 years in Michigan, this was obviously not my first time in Chicago.  However, having been away for quite a while, seeing Chicago again was definitely an eye opening for me!  So here are my favorite places in Chicago that we managed to hit up while we’re there!


The Signature Lounge

This place is so mainstream but guys, they have the BEST COCKTAILS!  I’m going to tell you that it is expensive but keep in mind that you don’t have to pay cover to get up there.  The cocktails cost around $16 to $17 and the food, I’m not even gonna get in that because you can make a good guess from here.  So, we each got one drinks but it was so strong my boyfriend actually got buzzed from it O_O


3 Arts Cafe

This place is AMAZING!! Their brunch = hands down!  Can’t remember exactly what I had but it was something with salmon 🙂  I’m obsessed with salmon it’s actually a real problem.  Anyways, beside their incredible brunch and mimosas, they have 4 floors of ART gallery you can walk around and they have a very cool rooftop too!  It was very windy when we were there so we didn’t stay on the rooftop that long but it was beautiful!

We were probably discussing if we should get another pitcher of mimosa 😉 
As windy as it was, I still managed to wear my favorite jumpsuit 


I have to say this place has one of the best decorations I’ve seen so far!  However, I wasn’t a fan of their cocktails.  For me, it was a bit too much of everything.  But I’d still recommend you to check this place out for it being such a CHIC spot and their food is actually pretty good!



The Bean

And of course, you cannot go to Chicago without visiting The Bean!  It has its beauty even though I don’t like the fact that EVERYONE was there taking pictures.  I know, I know.  I was one of them too but they make it impossible to take cool pictures without those photo bomber.  Alright, I’ll stop 😀  But seriously, go to The Bean!


All being said, there are so many places and things we didn’t have time to do so we definitely are going back there again!  If you go there in the winter, make sure to bring warm clothes!  It’s not known for the windy city for no reason!


It’s Friday …. go have a GREAT weekend guys!  Thank you for reading! 🙂 

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