Chal Chomchan

Hi guys!  So……we took a quick trip to Lüneburg this weekend because why not?!

Lüneburg is this hidden city near Hamburg.  The city is pretty small but very beautiful and filled with history!    I highly recommend checking this city out!


We had breakfast at The Hemingway’s and it was delicious.  I definitely overate and had my food-coma moment but so worth it.  They serve brunch buffet and the price was very reasonable!  If you go there with kids under 4 years old, they charge a different price.  Unfortunately, I didn’t pass for a 4 years old O_O And if you have a small dog that can fit in a bag, you are allowed to bring them there!  So Sir Peter The Pug got lucky and get to enjoy brunch at The Hemingway’s with us! 😉

The Canal Tour

We didn’t had a chance to do the tour but our friends said it supposed to be awesome!  However, we did walked around the canal and see the city (of course) and if we ever go back there again we would definitely do the canal tour!


I think they copied it from Paris 😀 

Underground Pubs

From what I heard, this city is known for their underground pubs and bars.  We went to a few places that night (which I failed to take good-quality pictures for you guys because I was busy doing instagram stories and drinking my cocktails O_O sorrrry).  But the ambience is very cozy and chic.  Some bars closed their kitchen at 11pm though, so make sure to go there before 11pm if you want to order some food!


Lüneburg Town Hall

Its town hall is definitely a must visit.  We didn’t go inside (I’m not even sure if you’re allowed to) but the outside is just beautiful enough!

Lüneburg Town hall!  Isn’t it just beautiful?!



That’s it guys!  We were only there for one night but we made the most out of it!  If you’re in Germany or other countries in Europe and looking for a short weekend trip, I recommend visiting Lüneburg! 🙂 

Oh, don’t forget to check out my instagram @mychalalaiz if you haven’t already! 🙂  You can also click the upper right tab of the webpage and that will take you directly to my instagram 🙂 


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