Chal Chomchan

The only reason I was even in Barcelona was because my boyfriend had a business trip there and I was just tagging along for free hotels 😀  I honestly can’t remember what the name of the hotel was because this trip was a couple months ago, however, this hotel offers free yoga classes!  Yes, you read that right, yoga class 🙂

Honestly, I was surprised my boyfriend wanted to join me for a yoga class but then I thought, that’d be great!  Love to see him embarrassed himself!  But nope, he was actually pretty good!  Like, what the hell?!  Anyways, let’s get talking about how I spend all my time there ALONE when my boyfriend was at work 🙂


Bike Rentals

Our hotel was right in the city center so it was easy for me to walk around.  We attempted to rent a bike but that didn’t work out.  First, bike rentals are somewhat expensive for tourists.  The locals have their own “red bikes” that they paid yearly in a very cheap price.  You have to have this national ID card there to get this rental thing.  But honestly, you can walk 😉  However, If you want a bike rental I suggest you ask the front desk at your hotel.

Las Ramblas

This is definitely the “tourist street”.  It is a very long street.  There are so many things there from restaurants on the side walks to shopping malls and the best part?  This street leads you to the beach!  It’s awesome!  Too bad we were there in the winter otherwise I’d walk around in bikinis.  JK!

Okay side note, when you walk on these streets, you’ll see 10 stores of Zara, H&M, Mango, and all that jazz.  I don’t know why but there are just so many of them!



This is embarrassing but I have to admit to you guys that I’ve actually never heard of Tapas until our trip to Barcelona O_O  Anyways, if you want good Tapas, don’t get them from the Las Ramblas street, get them on the smaller streets.  The ones on Las Ramblas are overpriced and not good.  Not even ice cream.  Seriously, how can you messed up ice cream so bad?  Like, how is that even possible?!

Oh, each Tapas is either €1 or €3 depend on the toothpick.  Yes, they will charged you according to how many you eat and they will know that by counting how many toothpicks you have on your plate.  If you eat a lot like me, you could guessed what I did ;D

Barcelona’s Cable Car

I honestly don’t know why they called it Cable Car, but this thing is actually pretty cool!  It is located by the Barcelona port and it is right by the beach!  So if you are lazy to walk, you can take this thing from the city side to the beach!  The view is magnificent and we were so lucky we weren’t on the busy side so there was just the two of us! 🙂


The Pier

Not so far from the beach there’s The Pier. This is actually one of my favorites spot in Barcelona.  Besides the fact that I love yachts and boats, this is the perfect spot for photos.  the water is just so blue and then there’s a shopping mall you have to cross the bridge to.  It’s just beautiful!

Uh ohhh!

We actually done quite a lot in the week that we were there.  It was right before Christmas and here’s the truth….I spent most of my time doing Christmas shopping that we ended up not having enough space in our suitcases 😀  So… we bought two (very overpriced) backpack at the hotel and carried a lot of sh*t with us to the airport.  We looked ridiculous!  But all of our stuff made it back with us to Germany! Yay!


I actually like Barcelona!  Wish we were there in the summer tho!  The beach was so beautiful!  There was definitely a lot of things we didn’t get to do but that’s just mean we gotta go back! 😉

My boyfriend casually strolling downtown in his blue vest 🙂


That’s it!  Thanks for reading guy! 

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