Chal Chomchan

Growing up I have been traveling back and forth between Sweden and Thailand a lot!  It felt like I was in two places ALL THE TIME.  Okay, that’s exaggerating but you get what I mean?!  Anyway, after having moved to America, I haven’t been back to Stockholm at all!  So It’s been awhile!  This time that I’m back, we are all grown ups now!  I tried to be one at least!  Hehe.  One of my cousins is married with two kids and one is working!

Anyways, we were in Stockholm for New Year’s celebration 2017-2018!  It was super fun!  Unfortunately, it was raining most of the time so I’ve got to bring my boyfriend back here in the summer!

IMG_1564REedit.jpgSwedish Food

I think this picture says it all! 

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan or so called Old Town is one of  my favorites spot in Stockholm! It is also the oldest spot!  This is where it all happened guys!  Stockholm was built here!  The very first streets, first buildings, first people!! Also, if you want to see fireworks on NYE, there’s a cool spot in Gamla Stan as well!  However, it’s almost always too cold!

Sorry guys, couldn’t find a photo of Gamla Stan that we took for some weird reason BUT there’s always GOOGLE! 😉 


There are SO MANY castles you can visit in Stockholm!  Like in many EU countries I believe.  I recommend you check where you stay and see which ones would be the best option for you!

Me and my beautiful cousins! 
This was taken right downtown Stockholm!

Sorry guys, I don’t have much recommendation for spots on this post.  We were there when I haven’t started a blog yet so I wasn’t really remembering and trying to capture anything.  But the next time we’re there (which we will soon!), I will get some REAL STUFF for you guys! 

Have a HAPPY EASTER weekend everyone!!  

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