Chal Chomchan

April 16th, 2018 was our 1 year anniversary!  We spent the weekend celebrating our anniversary in Rügen!  And guys, it was amazing!  Despite the cold weather, we had a blast!


I just learned that Rügen is an island that used to belong to the Soviet Union during WWII and now it is a part of Germany!  We drove 5 hours from Wolfsburg (where we live) to Rügen on Friday afternoon.  We stayed at the Strand Hotel.  They had a pretty good deal going on so we took it and stayed in a sweet!  The view from our balcony?  The beach duh!!  It was breathtaking!  And who doesn’t love going to bed with the sound of the beach?  Even more waking up to it!  Right?!


The Lighthouse

15 minutes drive from our hotel is one of the tourist attractions.  There were a lot of historical sites there and a walkway to the beach but with a view!!  And this view is overlooking the ocean from the mountain!  It was breathtaking!  There was also a dungeon that was used during WWII.  It is opened daily from 12noon to 2:00pm.  We didn’t take the tour because they only do it once an hour and we didn’t want to wait.

We climbed down the mountain (don’t freak out they actually have stairs for that) and this is what it looked like!
I loved this beach!  Would love to come back here in the summer!

We were there for two nights and it was windy and rainy most of the time but we made the most out of it!  My boyfriend surprised me with roses on the table at breakfast on our last day there.  He is so sweet!

Here are a few pictures from the trip!  And guys, don’t forget to check out my instagram for more daily updates because I am always on instagram 😀

There was a pier right by our hotel!
Our pug definitely loved this place!

Thank you for reading guys! 

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