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Phillips: When in Berlin IFA 2018

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Hi guys!

Can you believe that August is here?!  Soon enough it will be Christmas time again!  Okay, let me pause right there.  I’m a little too ahead of myself!  But my point is, time flies!  You really have no idea what’s going to happen, so cherish the moment you are in!

I want to share with you guys today about a brand called Phillips!  I mean, who haven’t heard of Phillips, right?!  If you ask me, I could look around my apartment and find at least one thing from Phillips.  Tadahhh!  Coffee machine!  And yes, I am a coffee person.  One of those people who’d get grumpy if she/he doesn’t get her/his coffee first thing in the morning #butfirstcoffee.

Coffee machine on the right from Phillips

Phillips Influencer Reception IFA 2018

The point of this post is to introduce you guys to the Phillips Influencer Reception event!  I am new to Germany and still expanding my circle in this game called blogger and influencer!  I’ve heard about this Phillips Influencer Event through the IFA event which I got a press accredation pass to!  I am very excited to be attending the IFA 2018 this August!  If you guys are in Berlin, be sure to check them out!

That’s it for now guys!  Enjoy your week and just BE HAPPY!

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