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The Pros and Cons of Living Abroad

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Hey guys!  It has been AWHILE!! I have not been blogging here for all the excuses and reasons in life.  BUT, today, I am sharing with you my experiences of living abroad!  You see, I have lived in three continents and all for long-term.  I’m not talking about a 3 months summer job in Australia or a one semester abroad in Europe.  I am talking about years of living somewhere and developing real friendships in different cultures.


First Continent: Southeast Asia – Thailand (although I traveled back and forth between Thailand and Sweden quite often when I was young) = 17 years

Second Continent: North America – Michigan and Colorado = 5 years

Third Continent: Europe – Germany = 1 year and on going …

Disclaimer:  These are purely my experience and I am by no means an expert in this topic.  Just for blogging and entertainment purpose only.



  1. Limited space for material things: Having less material things could actually be a pro BUT I am talking about packing all your wardrobe into two suitcases and for most girls this could be very challenging.  Before I became a Content Creator/fashion and lifestyle blogger, this was actually not quite a problem for me.  If I had to do this now it would be almost impossible.  Anyways, the point is, when you moved your entire life from one continent to another, you won’t have the option to take EVERYTHING with you.  Just the necessities.  You’ve got 10 jogging shoes? Forget that, bring 2.  You got closets filled with clothes and accessories you never wear but love to have the options anyways?  Say hello to less options and an anxiety of not having anything cute to wear. Ever.  You’ve got photo albums and collection of things you collect?  Give it a bittersweet goodbye kiss until you come “home” again.
  2. You don’t have the comfort of living in the bubble anymore (until you build a new one otherwise): Moving to a different country is like building a new life.  Going to college is a bit scary because you are living away from your parents for the first time and more so going to college abroad where you have a different time zone from your parents hence speaking another language ….that is something.  But, people do this all the time.  I’m nothing special for doing it.  Just another girl went abroad for college.  The thing is, when you arrived, it’s like you’re completely lost.  You did not really know what to expect (although I was expecting America to be like the movie Mean Girls, yes, I was that girl).  You have to develop to a new environment, new weather, new time, new lifestyle, new friends and new routine.  And most importantly, new culture.  That’s the bubble you got to break and figure out your “new bubble” in this new environment in order to “fit in” and enjoy living here (wherever this here is in this world).
  3. You miss your family….sometimes: For me, I was never really homesick.  I was one of the few lucky ones.  Homesick is real and I couldn’t express that here well because I never really had it so bad.  Except, when you got my heart broken or got into a car crash and wished your mom was there to help you get through it because you were too stupid to get a car insurance.  Yup!  Moving on…..when you’ve gain that Freshmen 15 and don’t have your parents to blame for all the food they fed you.  These are the moments you get homesick.  But the good news… it won’t last if you do it right.
  4. The damn language barrier:  If you truly want to live in that country (wherever that is), you will have to f*cking learn their language.  And trust me, it’s not so sweet.  Can get annoying.  Unless you are one of those geniuses who picks up languages like you pick up chicks at the bars. (joking! And I’ve never picked up chicks at the bar obviously).  But really, this one really sucks for me because learning a language takes time and it can and will get frustrating.


  1. You grow the f*ck up!:  You really do.  Being abroad really shows you who you really are and what you’re capable of.  You’d be pushed way out of your comfort zone you had no idea what the f*ck is happening until you visit home and realized you’ve changed and home isn’t the same anymore and that you don’t have the same values and same interests anymore.
  2. You get to meet very interesting people: People in general are very interesting but when you only hang out with the same crowd, you don’t see them with a fresh pair of eyes because you already have this image of them and who they are to you in your head so you categorize them and then that’s it.  When you meet new people, you get to know them and learn their stories and then you realized that you are not that special.  That most of us has somewhat a f*ckedup childhood in one way or another and that we all have had some life-changing experience.  You will realized we are all humans and that you should not judge the book by its cover.  Really dude, don’t f*cking judge people.
  3. FOOD!: You get to try new food!  I don’t have to stress this one much because we all love food and know that every country eats something a little different.
  4. More travel:  Okay, this may sound confusing but having your best friend living abroad (when you moved to another country) always made it for a good reason to visit.  Either they visit you or you visit them.  Either way, you and your besties get to explore and be in another country you have not been in together!  I think that’s f*cking dope!
  5. Really know yourself:  For me, living in different cultures has really enlightened me to who I really am.  What I like and what I don’t like.  This may sound simple but if you have never lived abroad, you’d never know that there is also another way of living life.  There is also another beliefs in this world; another religion.  There is also another way of defining “beautiful”.  I started giving less f*cks about what society tells me who I should be and start living my own life.
  6. You fell in love:  You really do.  If not with a person then with the city.  You will feel alive.
  7. You feel cool because you have lived in more than one country.  Word. 

I would really love to hear you guys’ experience and stories of living abroad!  Share them with me in the comment!  Thank you for reading guys!  And oh, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!

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