Chal Chomchan

Turning 25 and Single?

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Has the society ever made you feel like you need to do or become certain things because that’s how YOU “should” lead YOUR life? 

Well guys, F*CK that!  Because the truth is….your life, is like a movie.  And you are the main character.  So why wouldn’t you make it the greatest movie you’ve ever seen?  And quite frankly, those who tell you what to do?  They couldn’t do it themselves so they want you to make a movie for them while they prepare popcorns.  So here’s an important question you need to ask yourself.  Do you want to create a movie or prepare popcorns?


Turning 25 in 17 days gave me this tingly feeling that I am getting old and therefore I should probably have had my shit together.  But you know what?  I don’t and I don’t have to either.  Besides the fact that it is 2019, today’s world is filled with endless opportunities and experiences one can gasp and a billion of other people to meet!  Everyone has a different timeline and everyone is looking for something.  That something may be a family, a successful career, a passion, a lover, a will to travel the world, or simply owning a dog.  Whatever that something is, you’ll just have to figure it out.  I believe that you don’t have to figure it out today but you should have already started doing something to figure that something out.

Growing up, I’ve always had this “age timeline” of when I should do or become certain things in life, and I believe you did or do as well.  Elementary school, middle school, high school, college, grad school, work, get married, have kids, be a good wife, and a happy life…..but the problem is, you cannot connect the dots forward, only backwards; like Steve Jobs said.  I managed to graduated college but did not make it to grad school.  Work?  I hated the 9-5 job.  I couldn’t possibly do it.  Getting married? Hah well, I almost went down that path too but then I realized what I truly wanted in life.  Because this is my life and I’ve made a decision that I will not prepare any popcorns for myself.  So I went ahead, walked into the unknown and started creating my own movie.  And that’s is the beginning of all to come. 

It’s okay to be 25 and single.  It’s okay to be 30 and single.  It’s okay to be 20 and married.  It’s okay to be where you are in life but it is not okay to want a different life and don’t do anything about it. 

And to be honest, I’ve never really liked popcorns anyways.



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