Chal Chomchan

The NOW hype app for the social media! Do I need to say more? However, I have to admit that being in my late 20s got me on my toes since I joined Tiktok. Being that the majority of Tiktokers are in their teenage years and we “adult” may find the app very young and honestly a bit intimidating. BUT, don’t let that stop you from joining Tiktok because it is fun and creative!

One of my fav content I’ve created recently on Tiktok. It’s not perfect but I put a lot of working into it. One thing I have to say about tiktok is that no one really knows the algorithm. I do not have a big follower and so most of the time my content do not get push on the FOR YOU page. FOR YOU page is basically your homepage. And you see all the posts there.

However, I am having fun on Tiktok and it gives me such a creativity drive! Trying not to think too much about the views but it does matter from time to time.

Have you tried Tiktok?!

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